АВС Детски център и в момента имаме вакантна позиция за Младши педагог в една от нашите детски градини в кв. Лозенец, София

ABC KinderCare Centre is the first chain of kindergartens In Bulgaria offering international education and environment for children from 2 to 6 years old.

A team of dedicated professionals, focused on a personalized approach to meet the individual needs of the children, follows a methodology fully in line with the latest trends and standards in the field of education. Since our foundation in 2008, we have been educated for more than 450 children who made us proud by continuing their education in some of the top schools around the world. We keep in touch with our former Families as we don’t simply provide education, we create a strong community and source of happy memories and relationships, bringing our motto “we care the most” to life.

ABC KinderCare Centre is part of VM Finance Group, a Bulgarian economic group which manages a portfolio of 9 companies in various industries. A high recognition for our impeccable business reputation, effective strategy and continuous improvement is the award “The most outstanding family business in CEE” we received in 2015 by the Vienna-based Bank Gutmann.


In connection with the expansion of our business, ABC KinderCare Centre recruits a new team of Kindergarten Junior Teachers with the English language who want to contribute to our mission for our location:

– Sofia, 27 Hristo Smirnenski Str., Lozenets

If you are:

• a candidate who loves leading children and favours collaborative learning;

• motivated to make a difference and to support to educate future leaders;

• eager to gain professional experience to become a teacher;

• ready to develop your organisational skills and grow into a mindful educational leader;

• ready to be a part of European programmes and to meet colleagues from all around the world, sharing the newest academic standards in pre-school education;

• ready to learn from the best in this professional field;

• ready to practice your English in an international environment;

• ready to meet great work conditions, flexible working time and great opportunities for career development.

We will be happy to offer:

• Career path;

• Аdditional health insurance;

• Professional training and development;

• Attractive benefits package;

• An official labour contract;

• Bonus system;

• Participation in webinars/ workshops provided by our international partners;

• Flexible working hours.

If you recognize yourself in the description – do not hesitate to APPLY by sending your CV to: