• Andzhela Gotsis Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


animation cinematography, animation techniques, experimental films


The current article reviews the diversity of techniques employed by Suzan Pitt in the creation of her hand-drawn animated films. The filmmaker and her team dedicated hours of drawing, modelling, shooting and processing to each frame. Every film that Pitt made is the result of a labour-consuming process which took several years to accomplish. The filmmaker uses animation techniques which precede computer generated images (CGI), such as traditional cel animation, sand animation, 3D animation, film scratching. The amalgamation of images that were generated in different ways and subsequently animated in the course of the film production transforms the durability of collective reality and replaces it with fantasy. Pitt’s aesthetics and her choice of visual and artistic practices sets her further apart from those employed in well-known and popular animation films. Her films often lack in a consistently structured narrative. The images disclose psychological states, emotions and the encounter between the inner world and the outer, collectively shared one. Pitt embodies in images abstract themes such as female sexuality, death, depression, man – nature relationship, the existence of earthly miracles. The movement of the drawn objects on the screen represents the passage of time and the possibility of change. The soundtracks and sound effects create the atmosphere of a holistic experience while the oneiric images on the screen flash by from one emotion to another. The rich thematic and artistic individuality of Suzan Pitt’s films pose a challenge to the viewer’s imagination.

Author Biography

  • Andzhela Gotsis, Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

    Andzhela Gotsis is a PhD student at the Institute of Art Studies, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Screen Art sector).
    She engages in photography. Her scientific interests involve research of avantgarde and experimental cinematography.