Media Pedagogy and Artistic Communication

А. Form of Study:
Length of Study: 8 semesters.

В. Educational aims
The academic goal of the course in “Media Pedagogy and Artistic Communication” is that students acquire thorough and comprehensive knowledge in pedagogy (theory, history, methodology and contemporary issues of pedagogy) as well as in communication and its characteristic features in different cultural settings, human interaction and media and artistic communication.
Students are expected to develop skills for diagnostics and professional advice: consultation and  counseling on topical issues related to the organization and governance of education. They should be able to apply these skills in their practice by adopting the educational tools of pedagogy, cultural and media studies. The practical course related to foreign language acquisdition aims at developing students’ language skills and usage of new technologies for a better interaction. At the end of the course students should achieve a high level of confidence as users of the foreign language. They should also acquire theoretical knowledge and understanding of the existing foreign language teaching methods, approaches, principles and techniques and be able to successfully apply them when teaching children in various pre-school and primary school settings.

С. Professional Realization
The specialized training and education of the students in “Media Pedagogy and Artistic Communication” enhances their chances for professional attainment and employment as pedagogical experts in different media and cultural institutions.

The students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Arts in “Media Pedagogy and Artistic Communication” course can:

Curriculum – БГ/EN

Head of the B.A. program: Assoc. Prof. Danail Danov,

Administrative officer – Valеntina Eduard,

Compulsory courses